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Girls weekend in Edmonton, group caricature

Girls weekend in Edmonton made complete with a stop in to get a group caricature done.  It was Nice to meet the great
ladies from Lloydminster!

group caricature

Group Caricature by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Family Caricature

A family caricature makes a great gift!
Family Caricature

caricatures from a photo
Edmonton Artist

Caicatures make a great gift

I had a good time drawing Caricatures at a Birthday Party.  Most guests left with a caricature
Couple Caricature 
Caricatures for a Photo are fun - add what they like or what they do...
What is their  character? I will try to capture it for them....
Caricature gift
Edmonton artist

New Sign for Hap's

Hap's Hungry House Sign

Hap's Hungry House

Email message sent to me today - it made my day!

I have painted many different pets and animals - perfect gift - for the animal lover
Hi Laurel,  You painted a portrait of our golden retriever from a photograph that one of our family members submitted to you (unbeknownst to us) about 4 years ago (the picture is the first one in the pet category on your blog).  The painting was given to us after the untimely death of our beloved pet.  Your painting is a perfect replica of the picture provided to you and your talent remains truly unsurpassed.  You captured the true, good hearted nature of our dog with such detail I would have thought the dog had belonged to you!  

I will continue to refer my friends and coworkers to your blog and wish you all the best with your business!  It’s nice to finally have an opportunity to contact you and express my appreciation in your work!"  Sherry S.