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Grandmas are...

There is nobody more special than your Grandma and I am lucky enough to have the best one.  She is one of the most caring people I've ever met who never says a bad word about anyone.  Celebrate your Grandmother every day and treat her like the precious person she is, whether that's by stopping in for a cup of tea or picking up the phone to say hello.


window painting at HARVEY’S

   I spent the day window painting at HARVEY’S downtown Edmonton location (find it right across the street from Grant MacEwan’s main campus). This location just got a major face lift with two week’s worth of renovations.  I was surprised at all the things I noticed that had been improved.  Everything from a great looking dark grey floor to the warm wood toned tables and “hey, you didn’t have blinds on the windows before did you!”.  Go in and visit the always friendly owner, Deo and his staff for a wonderful tasting burger!  They are also serving up FRINGS (fries and onion rings in one order).  It’s also a good place to make a really healthy lunch choice:  I had the veggie burger which I think tastes fabulous. 

   I just figured out why my calves are doin’ pretty good .... standing on a ladder all day painting will do that to a person! Age is only a number, get out there and do life!

Edmonton Artist

I had fun drawing and chatting tonight

   I had fun drawing and chatting tonight... at a function for Christenson Developments.  It was a thrill to draw Bryan Hall [Sports Broadcaster on 630 CHED/Global TV EdmontonCFL Hall of Fame and Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and retired commentator for The Edmonton Eskimos...]. 

   Brian Hall - look at those Grey Cup rings on his fingers. I think he's earned them after being the Edmonton Eskimos announcer for so many years. And probably the Eskimos biggest fan.

   I even remembered to take a photograph!  I was really surprised when he told me that he'd never had a caricature done before.  I've been lucky enough to talk to him a few times when I paint Corus Radio's windows at Christmas time.  He always stops to say hello and chats.  My Sharpie's were busy tonight.

Edmonton Caricature Artist Laurel Hawkswell with Sports Journalist Bryan Hall

Caricatures at Edmonton Garrison 2012 Volunteeer Event

   The Annual Edmonton Garrison Volunteer Appreciation event was a lot of fun today.  There was myself and 3 other fellow caricaturists busy drawing volunteers and their families. 

   As a caricature artist, each and every person looks different to me and as I’m drawing you I look at every part of your face.  I personally can pass a person a year from now that I drew today and when I see them I think, “I know them from somewhere, where do I know them from?!” If I’ve drawn you, you are not forgettable! 

thank-you Teresa - Rogue Fitness you're so accommodating and awesome

   The great thing about being an artist is that when you want to give someone a little Thank You, all you have to do is pick up your Sharpie.  Well .... it's actually a little bit harder than that because realistically, you need to find the time to do it first!  That's just a small detail.  Anyway, so I wanted to thank Teresa at Rogue Fitness (in Edmonton) for being so accommodating and awesome.  One week my daughter forgot her runners and Teresa found her a pair to borrow.  Then the next week I forgot my runners and she found me some too.  She has squeezed us into a class that was already technically full.  If you're looking for a facility that isn't too big but isn't too small, Rogue Fitness is just right.  You'll feel welcome instantly.  We did.

   But back to the caricature .... Teresa was surprised, she thought I was a teacher for some reason!?  Nope, I draw, paint, cut, imagine, sit deep in thought (trying to come up with a cool new idea for a logo or whatever), type, talk, click, draw, paint and draw some more... That pretty much covers it.  Oh, and thank you for check'n out my blog http://hilaurel.blogspot.ca/

thank-you Teresa - Rogue Fitness 

Rogue Fitness

Edmonton Artist

Friendship and a cup o'tea

This latest post was inspired simply by a little trip to my next-door neighbour's! 

So many of us want so much out of life (material-wise) but we forget that the little things really add value to our lives.

Friendship and a cup of tea

Pour me a cup of chai tea and we can bend each other's ears for hours!

Friendship and a cup of tea

I was out drawing Caricatures today

Today was nice day to be out drawing caricatures at City of Edmonton Muttart Conservatory

drawing caricatures at the Muttart Conservatory
Edmonton artist

I love my Sharpies!

A Sharpie is one of my favourite tools!

What do I use to do all my caricatures? It’s simple .... Sharpies! 
If you’ve found the perfect pen, why try others? 
I personally should have a share in the Sharpie company OR at the very least, get a thank you letter from the company. 
I don’t know how many I’ve bought over the last several years but I’ve loved each and every one of them. 
So go pick up a Sharpie and a piece of paper and make some magic!
A Sharpie is one of my favourite tools!

one of the best pieces of art I've done...

The Masterpiece...

I personally think this is one of the best pieces of art I've done ...
This girl is close to my heart. I look forward to hearing about her future accomplishments. Hey, I'll keep you all posted!

- shaved her head to raise money for the BC children’s hospital
- put on a bakesale after the 2011 earthquake in Japan to help with relief efforts
- volunteered to cook breakfast before school at the Gospel Mission
- organized a “Help for Haiti” event to raise funds and awareness a year after the earthquake
- did many bottle drives to raise money for a clean water project in Kenya
- sold fair trade bracelets to raise money for drought relief in Eastern Africa
- collected food outside of grocery stores to donate to the food bank
- participated in a 24 hour vow of silence to raise awareness for child exploitation
- did a 24 hour fast to raise food for the local food bank
- currently planning a charity concert to benefit building a school in Ecuador
- going to Ecuador this summer for a volunteer trip to go build schools


This girl is close to my heart. I look forward to hearing about her future accomplishments.

This World is going to be alright

We all see it... Those people who eat at a fast food place and walk away from their table leaving all their garbage to be picked up by somebody else. HELLO? .... this isn't fine dining.  Clean up after yourself! Jeesh.

- At least, that's what I think.

Fun with a Freak Spring Snowstorm (what were the neighbours thinking??)


A friend said that after shoveling the heavy, wet snow we just got blasted with, she should have just rolled it instead. 

I thought that was a brilliant idea so that’s what I did ....

I know that because I’m an artist, the level of “artistic pizzaz” in these snowmen really fail but I couldn’t help it, by the time I was done, I was exhausted! When I was done I did try and shovel some of it but it was crazy heavy and left it. I was glad I’d rolled it instead. And besides, I had way more fun! Who cares if I’m not a kid anymore and who cares if my neighbours looked out their windows and thought I was nuts. 

Even though it was fun to do, I hope them melt and melt fast! Come on, it’s spring. Jeesh!

Snowmen with artistic pizzaz?

Even though it was fun to do, I hope them melt and melt fast!