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Window Painting for Edmonton Motors

Edmonton Motors Chevrolet Cadillac
I recently painted windows at Edmonton Motors in downtown Edmonton. Someone there commented that they'd never had their windows painted. Nice that they asked me to break tradition! It was a nice atmosphere there and I sure spied a few cars that would look good in my driveway!  

Edmonton Artist

Drawing for Amusement Sake

DRAWING FOR AMUSEMENT SAKE - I was warming up my drawing hand before a caricature event and from afar I spied a lady with what appeared to be cat eyed glasses and hair in this style. It inspired me to draw this. Everything beyond the hair and glasses were just made up for fun. A little bit of marker added.

Edmonton Artist

fun drawing last night

I had a bunch of fun tonight drawing at a family gathering. Adding little bodies was a nice change for me. These two couples were a joy to draw and a joy to watch look at their caricature for the first time. Big smiles and big laughter. It sure feeds my soul!

Edmonton Caricature Artist - couple

Edmonton Caricature Artist - Birthday event

Edmonton Kumari Bridal Show

I was honoured today to be part of the first Edmonton Kumari Bridal Show! It was a first for me in that I was a vendor promoting myself and my caricatures. The Bridal Show was held at the beautiful Meridian Banquet Hall, draped in delicate white cloth and back lit in purple. A gorgeous location that highlighted a great selection of skilled vendors .... photographers, caterers, wedding planners, cake decorators, make up artists, clothing designers, lighting specialists .... and me!

I was told that my booth was hoppin' and it felt that way. I was busy drawing all afternoon while my daughter, Quinlyn, helped put caricatures in bags, answer questions and hand out my information. I'd thought, really, who knows my business more than someone in my family to help me out! They hear all the stories and know me better than anyone. Luckily, she was available to work for me today.

I did complimentary caricatures today and other vendors were giving photo booth photos, delicious tasty treats, free make up applications and coupons for discounts on their products. There were fabulous door prizes from each of the vendors given out. Bridal Fashion shows, dance and singing performances were highlights of the day as well.

My display at the Edmonton Kumari Bridal Show

Edmonton Kumari Bridal Show

Edmonton Kumari Bridal Show girl

Edmonton Artist
Edmonton Caricatures

Caricatures at the Sysco Food Show

I did caricatures today at Sysco Edmonton's 2012 Food Show at Northlands Edmonton Expo Centre. As always, meeting new people and at times, getting a good chuckle myself with some of the caricatures! In this first picture it's too bad the lighting is dark because you can't see the definition of her hair …. so just look at the caricature and imagine it because it really did look like the drawing! What fun she was! A lot of the photos that I take, like this one, makes me smile long after I've done the drawing. I imagine myself retired and reminiscing, looking at these photos. Oh and this lady's smile was actually a whole lot bigger when I was drawing her and talking to her (kinda like the drawing …. well I might have exaggerated a teeny, tiny bit). 

The second caricature of the young guy was lots of fun too … it was a good hair day for me as you can see! I'd like to send out a big thank you to people who put their necks out there with funky hair, piercings, clothing, facial hair, etc … because it really does add to my world!

Lady Caricature

Fun guy caricature at food show

Edmonton's Western GMC window painting

Painting at one of my favourite places again today … Edmonton Western GMC. Took their promotional art from their website for this window painting. Nice to be back at Western GMC and I’ll be heading downtown to Edmonton Motors to put some pizzaz on their windows. Their treat me well and I’m happy to have been asked to paint at another location for the general manager. I’m looking forward to thinking up some fun, big Christmas stuff for them again this year. I’m starting to physic myself up for the on slot of Christmas window painting. We do Christmas big time here in Edmonton. The United States does Thanksgiving but Canada definitely does Christmas up right. It might have something to do with … I’m not going to say it, that four letter white word!

Edmonton's Western GMC window art

Edmonton Artist
Edmonton Window painting

Caricatures at the Zoo for World animal Day 2012

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is quickly becoming my second home! With the cooler weather almost upon us, it was nice to see families still out enjoying the Valley Zoo for World Animal Day. This girl was so sweet. You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking, too bad I didn’t have a pink marker handy for this one! We caricaturists love it when someone sits down with a cool hair style… it’s like a gift for us and what a smile she has too!

Caricature of Girl by Edmonton Artist Laurel Hawkswell

Facepainting at the Roller Derby Game

So, I thought I was having a whole day off.... but then, I was reminded by my daughter that I’d agreed to face paint at the Edmonton E-Ville Roller Derby game. You an run but you can’t hide from art around here! It was really no big sweat though and I enjoyed it. We kept with the two team’s colours that were playing, swaying off track only when a little person sweetly requested a unicorn. Of course I couldn’t say no. This one represented the Black Gold Diggers. I didn’t do the black eyeliner, she came with that … the swirls so perfectly with her hair colouring and eyeliner and dark eyes don’t you think?!

Edmonton Face Painting

family portrait painting

This is part of a family portrait I recently finished. I’ve just shown one person from the painting and only a partial shot of him to keep the family’s privacy. This was done in acrylic and as you can see I took some artistic licence with the background colour and had fun showing some brush strokes and vibrant colour. After all, it is a painting not a photo! Quite the trick catching their essence but keeping artistic flare alive. Also tricky when working from multiple photos! It’s a personal success each time you set out to paint a person and you feel like I’ve nailed it … or at least nailed in in your own style.

family portrait painting 

Caricatures for a good cause

I was drawing caricatures for a good cause last night at one of West Edmonton Mall’s Banquet halls at the ABC Head StartProgram’s fundraising Magic and Masquerade Gala. They organised a really nice evening with a delicious meal, henna tattoos, palm readings, magic tricks, zombie “Thriller” dancers and of course …. me doing caricatures! I really need to make sure I bring my good camera to each event. Darned if this photo isn’t blurry BUT you can still get the basic gist of them and their caricature. The Henna lady and I did a swap at the beginning of the event before we got busy - I did a caricature of her husband and she gave me a shoulder henna tattoo! 

The ABC Head Start Program is currently in it’s 27th year of operation, ABC Head Start has grown steadily in response to community needs. With the help of over 80 volunteers, ABC Head Start has 23 classes in 13 schools throughout Edmonton that provide a preschool program and access to special services such as speech therapy in addition to weekly parent education and support groups. Events such as the Magic and Masquerade Gala helps raise awareness of the valuable work of their organization but is one of the main fundraisers for the program to help provide nutritious daily snacks (sometimes the first meal of the day for these children), early learning supplies, transportation, literacy development supplies and resource information for families in need and to help enrich the lives of those less fortunate who need ABC Head Start to ensure their success in learning and to help break the poverty cycle. Please visit their website at www.abcheadstart.com for more information about the organization.

Lethbridge, Alberta Park Place Shopping Centre caricatures

I went down to Lethbridge, Alberta recently to do caricatures for the administration team at Park Place Shopping Centre to celebrate and inspire them in their “Fish Philosophy” project. They were a great bunch of people to meet and I’m sure together, they can not only run a great “Green” shopping centre but do some good things for the community. It was a pleasure and honour to be asked to travel down to add to do black and white individual caricatures as well as this large, coloured group caricature!

Lethbridge, Alberta Park Place Shopping Centre caricatures

painting halloween windows at Western GMC

Good fun painting halloween stuff on some of the windows at Western GMC! This big green guy stands taller than me at about 6 ft. tall. One of the salesmen today commented that he’s been waiting for that big green guy to scare a little kid. So far it hasn’t happened. Well, I think he’s a tad too cute to be scary! I love it when a client just says, “Come in and do up the place with Halloween stuff.” …. so great to use my imagination! Thanks a bunch Western GMC!

window painting

Over the last few years I’ve been asked by Enbridge to paint windows at a couple of their buildings in Edmonton to signify the start of their employee’s big 2 week campaign, raising funds through special internal activities to raise money for The United Way. It’s very impressive how much the employee’s give each year to this worthy cause. This design is part of The United Way’s 2012 promotion. I wish I could take credit for it since it’s such a nice looking design but alas, I just did the best I could to reproduce it on the windows.

Caricatures at the Edmonton Zoo



 It was quite the day full of people and drawing caricatures today at the Valley Zoo!  I heard at the end of the day that there had been 17,000 people who walked through the front gates today.  I drew someone who knew a member of my family in B.C., I drew someone who I’d drawn last year (and she waited in line again this year!) and drew many new faces that I will remember from here on in! Here are a few of my favourite caricatures from the day.  I sure wish I’d had more time to take more photos to keep for my memories. Looking at the pictures brings me back to the fun of the moment.  Hope you enjoy looking through the samples of my caricatures. 

Here’s to another successful Free Admission Day event!


Family caricatures

Group caricatures

Edmonton Artist